April’s post

I’m April Lin, a rising senior and Anthropology major working in Magill. This summer I’m helping out with a variety of different projects, including scanning, digitizing and archiving senior theses and retired magazines (among other things) as well as helping out with the library’s migration to the new guides website. One I’ve been working on in particular has been Professor Mudd’s project of mapping microfinance institutions in Mexico, Uganda and the Philippines in order to learn more about their relation to poverty.


Here’s one of the maps I generated from an Excel spreadsheet of addresses and coordinates of microfinance institutions in the Philippines. The larger asterisks mark headquarters and the smaller circles mark branch locations. It took a lot of work to pin down where some of these places were, but we recently sent out a mailing to these institutions and are on our way to learning much more about them.  I hope to have another post for you guys soon!