Some Discoveries

One of my side-projects that will be helpful for the library and the Communications Office once all the magazines have gone digital is finding the “best ofs,” or highlights of each magazine. This means taking note of funny articles and photos and also finding historical moments of the college as written by the college, whether it is the opening of a building or the inauguration of a president. Theoretically, things that I find funny or interesting about Haverford’s history will be funny to others too! (I hope.) I’ve already begun a small inventory on my iPhone that I hope will expand as the project goes on; I have also been updating the spreadsheet I use to keep track of the project in greater detail as to what specific articles I find. I thought I would share with you some of the photos I have taken already, and once I begin to scan in larger quantities (the bulk scanner can now do color TIFFs! Hooray!) I will be able to upload individual articles as well.


This photo was put on the back of the January 1975 issue of Horizons, advertising for Alumni Weekend that April. The 1860s Saloon-esque font is obviously not part of the original photo, but the "Haverford Banjo Club of 1897" is certainly real! In the spirit of true friendship (or perhaps Friendship?), non-banjo players were also allowed in the club (as I see two guitars and four mandolins).


As a Bryn Mawr major (who has once taken all her semester classes at Bryn Mawr), I appreciated this blurb about the first Haverford Geology major who, for obvious reasons, had to do the same thing!

I’ll be keeping my eye out as I scan more in the following weeks!