Where is the Penn Treaty Elm?

Starting with the historical understanding of where the Penn Treaty Elm is said to have been then moving to later depictions of the tree and its folklore, and finishing where the pieces of the original Penn Treaty Elm ended up, this essay will trace the tangible and intangible presence of the tree throughout history.

Scions of the Penn Treaty Elm

The Penn Treaty Elm is survived by its scions. But what are scions? Where are they? What do they represent? This exhibit aims to demonstrate how the scions document history.

Penn's Treaty with the Lenape

In legend, Penn and the Lenape agreed to live in love forever. In less than one generation the Lenape were cheated out of land. The tale overshadows Pennsylvania’s true history.

William Penn’s Quakerism and the Treaty with the Lenape

Contrary to the idealized representations of him as a religious leader and peacemaker, William Penn was also motivated by political and territorial aspirations in his establishment and governing of Pennsylvania.

Where is the Penn Treaty Park?

Penn Treaty Park is an historical and sometimes contested site for history enthusiasts, Philadelphians, and American Indians. It has been culturally significant for hundreds of years and its various stakeholders have many different visions of the space.