Work on a human rights archive in Guatemala

The Digital Scholarship (DS) team seeks Spanish-speaking students interested in human rights and historical memory to work for the fall and spring semesters on the GAM Digital Archive Project. With training and guidance from the DS team, students will work with the Grupo de Apoyo Mutuo, a Guatemalan human rights organization, to research and describe archival materials related to victims of disappearance during the country’s civil war. Students will also help develop digital scholarship about justice and historical memory in Guatemala. Compañeros will also have the opportunity to apply for an 8-10 week Center for Peace and Global Citizenship summer internship to work with the GAM in Guatemala City.

Founded in 1984 by friends and family of ‘disappeared’ activists, the GAM and its archive are the product of Cold War violence. During the height of the conflict, revolutionary guerrillas fought U.S.-backed Guatemalan military and police forces and more than 200,000 people lost their lives. The Guatemalan Truth Commission’s 1999 report attributed 93% of human rights violations to state security and related paramilitary forces. For three decades, the GAM has collected textual, visual, and audio-materials related to ongoing human rights trials and historical memory of this violent period.

  • Paid positions

    $9/hr, 3-5hrs/week

  • Training

    Training in digital tools and methods for ethical data curation, digital archiving, digitization, web design, digital portfolios, information security/ethics, and project design/management.

  • Research

    Compañeros will take a lead role in processing, curating, and researching digitized materials


Intermediate Spanish
Commitment to five hours of work per week
Interest in human rights and historical memory
Interest in the technical aspects of the project and a willingness to learn
HTML, CSS, and Javascript experience preferred but not required


Apply online at by Friday, September 14, 2017.
Email with questions.